Entering the future

Innovation is the driving force behind every effort Saga Furs makes when pursuing our core values of Quality and Responsibility. All along a transparent chain of processes – from a fur farm to the fashion-minded consumer -- we strive to ensure sustainability in each link of the chain. Dedication makes it happen.

Saga Furs’ Management Team is the fusion of like-minded individuals who are ready to address what lies ahead. Each has a specific area of responsibility—a link in the chain -- that is vital to a prosperous future for the company and all of its stakeholders.

“Momentum will be amplified through our devotion to the brand in which we all have a degree of pride and a personal stake.”
Jan Erik Carlson, Director of marketing/CMO

“Trust in our product is based upon consistent and uniform grading processes that ensure not only the quality levels, but also the confidence of auction buyers. The added time it takes gives customers the value they want.”
Arto Honkanen, Production & sales director

“Our brand is the global symbol of quality and responsibility. We are resolved to keep it that way by heralding our presence through all available channels.”
Päivi Mononen-Mikkilä, Director of communications/CSR

“Our 100+ celebration gives Saga Furs an occasion to reflect on yesterday so we are better equipped for tomorrow. We are not simply waiting for tomorrow to arrive, but making every effort to pave a prosperous route into the future.”
Pertti Fallenius, Managing director/CEO

“The volume and diversity of collections we offer will continue to grow, but we will not compromise nor accept growth at any cost. Patience and dedication are imperatives for achieving a product worthy of the Saga Furs® label.”
Magnus Ljung, Business director, services for producers

“Caring for employees on a personal, as well as professional, level will keep us at the forefront. “
Marjatta Paunonen, Human resources director

“We are all stewards of a long-term vision that will bring rewards to all stakeholders. “
Juha Huttunen, Deputy managing director/CFO

Jan Erik Carlson
Arto Honkanen
Päivi Mononen-Mikkilä
Pertti Fallenius
Magnus Ljung
Marjatta Paunonen
Juha Huttunen